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Trucking & Shippers Conditions Indices

Posted by The FTR Experts on 11/30/21 2:45 PM
We created the Shippers and Trucking Conditions Indices to track changes to major conditions in the U.S. full-load freight markets. 

We provide in-depth market analysis and forecasting in our Shippers Update and Trucking Update intelligence services.


Trucking Conditions Index for September Remains in Double Digits as Freight Rates Continue to Strengthen

There was only a marginal increase in FTR's Trucking Conditions Index, rising to 11.79 from 11.63 in August. Freight rates continued to strengthen in September, but freight volume and capacity utilization were not as beneficial to carriers as they were in July and August. FTR’s forecast remains for strong positive TCI readings well into 2022.


Shippers Conditions Index for August Shows Gradual Improvement

Shippers Conditions Index (SCI) for August, as reported in the October Shippers Update, continued to gradually improve to the best reading since September 2020 at -6.8, slightly better than the -8.1 July index.

A minor loosening of capacity utilization and marginally lower fuel costs contributed to the improvement in the August SCI measure. Market conditions for shippers are technically getting better, but the relief is so incremental as to be of little value.




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