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Pent-Up Demand and a Roaring Twenties Redux

Euphoric State

In ’21, we see an economic recovery unlike never before. Of course, I am referring to 1921, after both WWI and the Spanish flu had ended. But the country’s mood now, as vaccines work to end this pandemic, is beginning to rise toward a euphoric state.

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April Market Update

Strong growth in pricing

The stress in the freight transportation system continues to show up as strong growth in pricing. The Producer Price (PPI) for rail intermodal freight transportation in March jumped 4.2% from February for the largest gain on record. The PPI is the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ estimate of pricing at the producer level (as opposed to the consumer level, which is the Consumer Price Index.)

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CP/KCS Merger Stirs Up Railroad Industry

Railroads and shippers have plenty of questions about how the potential merger between Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern might upend the railroad industry. In this commentary, FTR will try to examine some of the biggest issues.

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April C-Suite Synopsis

This c-suite synopsis is taken from our State of Freight INSIGHTS report. This report is provided to all of our Premium clients.

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