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Trucking capacity through the last decade

In 2010, the U.S. and the trucking industry began a recovery from the Great Recession that lasted a decade. In 2020, we tried to do it all in 10 months. In this analysis, we compare the trucking industry today to the industry in 2010.

Enjoy this in-depth commentary from our exclusive analysis produced for our SOF INSIGHTS publication - available to premium subscriber clients. Learn about becoming a subscribing client to our transportation intelligence services.

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Revising data | FTR's Freight•cast and FED Industrial Production data

The following document is a discussion and explanation of how FTR deals with data revisions and specifically addresses large changes in the FED Industrial Production numbers. We encourage industry participants to read it and gain a better understanding of how, and why, industry data changes on a regular basis (both historical and outlooks). 

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C-Suite Synopsis for July 2021

This c-suite synopsis of the transportation markets is provided to all of our Premium clients along with weekly transportation updates.

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The global economy: prospects and challenges

We are past the halfway point in 2021 and it is apparent that a recovery is well underway for the global economy. Despite the burst in economic activity, it is still too early to call it a post-COVID era, as infections remain at high levels in some places and variants are still forcing authorities to place restrictions on key areas across the globe. Still, it is a full-fledged economic recovery, and the World Bank projects it will be the most robust in 80 years.

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