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Weekly Transportation Update: Housing starts rebound in February after weather-induced drop

Following a decline in January, housing starts have experienced a rebound. Concurrently, the real estate market has seen a surge in the sales of existing homes throughout February. Mortgage rates have also shifted, edging back towards the 7% mark. Additionally, diesel prices have reversed course in the latest week.

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Weekly Transportation Update: Manufacturing’s February gain fails to offset January drop in output

In February, key economic indicators improved after January's weather impact, but updated data revealed a larger hit than expected. February gains didn't fully offset January declines. Inflation remained a concern for both consumers and businesses, partly due to volatile fuel prices. Government pricing data for freight brokers in transportation showed continued strengthening, prompting questions about underlying causes.

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Weekly Transportation Update: U.S. adds 275,000 payroll jobs in February

The unemployment rate has increased to 3.9%, with a slight easing in mortgage rates and a continued fall in diesel prices. Additionally, rail carload volume is still below 2023 levels.

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Weekly Transportation Update: Consumer spending on goods falls sharply in January

Consumer spending on goods fells in January, while retail inventories saw small gains. This week saw a decline in diesel prices and slightly stronger carload and intermodal traffic.

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