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Weekly Transportation Update: U.S. economic growth slowed in Q1, but strong goods imports were a factor

In the first quarter, the GDP saw a notable uptick, rising by 1.6% annually. March witnessed a surge in real spending on goods, while the personal savings rate hit its lowest point since October 2022. Retail inventories have slimmed down, indicating increased efficiency in supply chains. Moreover, there's a slight increase in nominal core capital goods orders, suggesting ongoing economic activity. In the housing sector, March saw a sharp rise in new home sales, signaling potential growth in the real estate market.

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Weekly Transportation Update: Automotive production was quite strong in March

In March, there was a notable increase in manufacturing output, with automotive production nearing a record high. Nonstore retail led the growth in retail sales, while there was a significant drop in housing starts during the same period.

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Weekly Transportation Update: Consumer inflation rose in March at the same rate as February

Consumer inflation is sticky in March. Prices in the supply chain saw a slight increase, but at a slower pace compared to February. Additionally, there's a concern over rising diesel prices for freight transportation.

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Weekly Transportation Update: U.S. adds 303,000 payroll jobs in March as unemployment dips

This week saw a significant increase of 303,000 payroll jobs in the U.S. for March, with job openings remaining stable at 8.8 million. Additionally, diesel prices have dropped, and the ISM manufacturing index indicates expansion.

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Weekly Transportation Update: Durable goods orders edge higher in February

This week's economic data has been sparse, showing minimal changes in manufacturing orders and new home sales for February. Transportation metrics like diesel prices and trucking spot rates have also remained steady.

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