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Morning Coffee: Crosswinds End in Wall Street Surge

Wall Street surged on Friday to end on a positive note, closing a week of intense market gyrations. The market is being caught in an economic crosswind, as signs of peaking inflation were partly offset by fears that policy tightening by the Federal Reserve could tilt the economy into recession.
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Morning Coffee: Main Indexes Continue to Drop

Wall Street’s three main indexes extended losses on Friday as investors worried that the Fed might have to raise rates more than expected to fight inflation.
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Enemy No. 1: Inflation

If economists and central bankers had a “Public Enemy” category, like INTERPOL or the FBI do, inflation would undoubtedly be elected the No. 1 enemy of the people.

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Semiconductors: What Are They and Why Is There a Shortage?

It is widely known that there is a shortage of semiconductors on a global scale that is affecting production in a host of industries. Goldman Sachs says 169 industries are affected by the crunch. The poster child for the shortage seems to be the global auto manufacturing industry, where lost production affects tens of thousands of workers and a great deal of lost revenue.

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Artificial Intelligence: Its Promises and Risks

With the technological explosion of data and the rise of social media platforms, the world is faced with new challenges coming from these technological developments. The changes in data collection and analysis are changing the way we do business and are having political and economic impacts that we have only begun to understand.

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The Global Economy: Opportunities and Risk in 2022

Prospects for 2022 are bright, as the global economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and loss of economic activity associated with the shutdowns of key economic drivers, aimed to slow the spread of the disease.

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Perspectives on the U.S. and Global Recovery

The U.S. economy had a very strong second quarter, with real GDP rising at an annualized 6,5% rate. Prospects for the third quarter were projected to come in just slightly below the second quarter pace, but the rise of the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus has caused some downward projections to emerge in the weeks since Q3 started. In early September, we learned that the impact of the Delta variant was substantial.

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The global economy: prospects and challenges

We are past the halfway point in 2021 and it is apparent that a recovery is well underway for the global economy. Despite the burst in economic activity, it is still too early to call it a post-COVID era, as infections remain at high levels in some places and variants are still forcing authorities to place restrictions on key areas across the globe. Still, it is a full-fledged economic recovery, and the World Bank projects it will be the most robust in 80 years.

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Changes are coming to the U.S. economy: Things to watch for in coming months

The latest Federal Reserve Beige Book noted that economic activity increased from early April to late May as vaccinated consumers returned to normal activities and businesses dropped pandemic restrictions. Economic activity is picking up as vaccinations are increasing and restrictions are being relaxed. Firms benefited from an $800 billion assistance for small businesses and owners are yearning for a return to a “normal” economy. Along the way, Major League Baseball is slated to return to full capacity and the largest state economy, California, will shed its final COVID-era restrictions on June 15 and give bars, restaurants, and other businesses a green light on the road back to “normal”. Despite a strong advance, the recovery is not without problems. Despite still having large numbers of unemployed people, labor shortages persist in the United States. Supply chain shortages are rampant across the manufacturing sector and inflation is emerging as a threat to future growth. This article will attempt to shed some light on future economic developments and to show that the economic transformation that we are seeing now will hopefully develop into a self-sustaining economic recovery.

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The future is near: A look at hydrogen vehicles

Moving to a future technology is a constant process. Technology is constantly evolving and changing the world we live in. We do not live in an idle universe. A few years ago, electric engines were in low numbers, although the technology is as old as the internal combustion engine. Today, there are large numbers of electric cars and a growing number of EV trucks on the highways. In the future, there will be millions of electric cars and perhaps hundreds of thousands of trucks. The changes are not only driven by technology, but also by government policy in a quest to have a carbon-free future. Although the future will see a lot of electric cars and light trucks, the conversion of the commercial truck fleets into an all-electric future is more mixed. Battery-powered commercial trucks are a viable alternative to an internal combustion engine, but this must be framed in the doable universe. Although battery-operated trucks will gain market share in coming years, they are not the perfect solution to all of trucking’s needs. Battery-powered trucks still face an uphill climb to the long-haul market. The future of long-haul trucking may well depend on the emergence of a fuel cell vehicle or even a hydrogen-powered vehicle in the quest for a carbon-free future.

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